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Our structure is fairly unconventional but designed to give our clients access to highly talented individuals in a flexible and tailored way.

The Team

Marketing solutions north east

We are true network of employees and associates, managed centrally and adhering to strong project management control. Employees all work from home, although we do have a central base. Project teams are developed around a project need- giving clients access to a wide range of skills usually only available from much bigger agencies.

Members of our core team are:

Graeme Mills

Graeme Mills, Managing Director

Over 20 years strategic marketing experience, Graeme acts as a project lead, delivering a wide range of marketing, research and innovation based projects. He has developed several models and programmes that mobilise the full impact of marketing resources (even those that companies are unaware they had) to deliver sustained sales growth.

Contact Graeme on or 07932 773326


Graeme Mills

Lisa Masters, Finance

Lisa is the person to contact about all financial or administrative issues. She has a strong organised approach and will frequently manage print related projects.

Contact Lisa on



Graeme Mills

Matt Shaw, Multimedia

Matt is a hugely talented multimedia designer who has designed interactive animations and e-learning activities that have gained high praise from all clients he has been involved in. You can see more of Matt’s work at our sister web site

Contact Matt on



Graeme Mills

Jamie Mills, Media Assistant

Jamie is a graduate of De Montfort University where she gained a Bachelor of Science in Media Production. Jamie is actively involved in social media and on-line marketing activities as well as making important contributions to other media projects.

Contact Jamie on